Some questions.. help a noob out..

By yahndawger
Nov 20, 2004
  1. Ok I bought this Dell 4600c like 4 months ago and I thought it was a nice computer (I was wrong).. Anyways I'm trying to get some new parts for it so I get better FPS in WoW.. I've been reading into Graphics Cards and I guess that AGP is the best you can get.. Can anyone explain why AGP is better then everything else? and how can I find out if this card would fit into my computer? TY..
    Also I want to get more RAM for my computer (512) and I was wondering what registered/unbuffered means.. also what Cas Latency, Support Voltage,
    Bandwidth, & Organization do? If anyone takes the time to answer me I'd greatly appreciate it.. and TY to all who took the time to atleast read.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Posted by Dell:
    Looks like you have an AGP slot.
    Open up your PC, look at the slots on the mobo. PCI-slots are normally white any your PC would probably have 3 of them.
    If there is one about the middle of the board, on the right (or above) of the white PCI-slots (as you look inside), that is further recessed away from the edge, with probably a brown-ish colour, you are in luck, that's your AGP slot.
    Look up the specifications of the mentioned ATI card at and get that or a comparable card with NVidia GPU. Look for its voltage and AGP=speed.

    To get matching memory, go to where they can tell you exactly.
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