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Somenthing keeps eating my HDD space. HELP!!

By xpondilus
Mar 22, 2005
  1. Hi , pliz I need help

    The story is the following, a few weeks a go my free space in my local disc(where I have programs and windows) is just disappearing, something keeps eating the free space,I have backup several times, I should have in my partition about 5 or 6 Gigas free, but it just seems to be occupied with something I haven’t put there. Am not downloading anything.
    The windows folder says its using about 2 o 3 G, program files about 3 more , my documents , let s say 3 more. I should have about 5 or 6 G free (out of the 16 G partition.
    Is it a new virus?
    Does the Norton “protected” recycle bin, have anything to do with this?

    I managed to free about 2 G (moving and backing up several stuff) . 10
    min afterwards I check the disc and it says: 1G free! 15 minutes later 200 mega, and so on getting to 0 bytes free, just sitting and watching it evaporating. Help plis……should I re-install it?

    Greetings from Chile, south cone.
  2. xpondilus

    xpondilus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    appears to be somenthing with WER files

    reading past threads I found about seeing hidden folders. Wich lead me to temp files. Well all the space went cause of millions os WER. (e.x." WERefa8.dir00" )folders holding 4 files. Windows help central said it wuz somenthing to do with crash or bug reports. waht sould I do? help agian plis
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Delete everything in the temp folders. It is completely safe to do.
    Disable the WIndows error reporting and generation of memory dumps.
  4. marcj

    marcj TS Rookie


    Is your system restore feature working correctly? If I tried to open it I instantly got the error message 'System Restore is not able to protect your computer' and I thought nothing more of it as I rarely wanted to use it. I had the same problem as you and it turned out that as it wasn't working correctly, it didn't limit disk usage to 5GB and instead went on to take 60GB of my harddrive which was unrecoverable, and I was forced to format and re-install. Might be one to check.


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