Someone please tell me of system diag software??

By fnugen
Oct 13, 2004
  1. My new ATI 9550 card is giving me MAJOR headaches. It runs perfect if I am just surfing or messing about in Windows............BUt as soon as I start a game, it will freeze up, or my system will either reboot or shut down. I took the machine in to where I bought the card and they didn't have time to daig my whole system, said they did a benchmark on the vid card and tried to get it to freeze, they DID get it to reboot on it's own. I've tried new/older drivers.........bought a enw PSU, gonna try a fan blowing on it to see if it is maybe overheating. Figured though it would overheat whether a game or the net is being used, and it doesn't freeze or anything when I am surfing, JUST gaming. Can my BIOS cause this?? I flashed my BIOS using the mainboards live update software, so I assumed it would be right and all. Other than that, I've changed nothing other than the vid card. Can someone please post a link to somewhere where I can download a diag program or something to maybe trace any problems that are either causing, or contributing to my problem. BTW, the card is an ATI partner card, made by Alastor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. mrchu

    mrchu TS Rookie Posts: 42

    check your bios settings to see what AGP speed is set to, check if you have some form of "turbo" mode on...also check if you have AGP FAST WRITE set to ON...

    in answer 2 ur question, try 3dmark 03...and/or sisoft sandra
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