Something huge is taking up my memory...but what?

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Nov 7, 2007
  1. Something huge is taking up my memory...whenever i use browsers or media player or most programs in general they freeze up after 5 minutes of using that program...i have cleaned the inside of my computer, i have checked my processes but they dont seem to be taking up alot of memory...when i look in PERFORMANCE however it shows the chart going crazy high..up to 100% at times....ive also done a virus check...can someone help me find out whats taking up my memory....heres my computers stats:

    CPU - 2.53 ghz
    RAM - 768 mb
    HARD Drive total space - 74.5 Gb (i have 39.7 Gb left)
  2. Route44

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    Instead of looking at the Performance tab of your task manager, click on the Processes tab. Now find the CPU column and look at any high numbers present. If you find a high number look to the left hand column for the name of the processor.

    I had big issues with Adobe's latest offerings. If I tried either to 1) read a PDF file online or 2) read one offline the Autoupdater.exe would bring my CPU resource demand to 99%! It wouldn't shut down either even when I commanded it to through Task Manager.

    I eventually uninstalled Adobe's bloatware and went with Foxit PDF reader and -- presto! -- no problems, no freezes, and BSODs.
  3. noskillz29

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    i uninstalled my adobe but my computer's programs still freeze up after awhile (and once again that includes my browsers IE and FFOX, Windows Media Player and especially while watching streamed videos). BY THE WAY...i checked my processes under the column CPU and everything there is 00 and occasionally 02 for some and the highest is 90-99 and thats my SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS
  4. Route44

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    What ones are at 90-99?
  5. noskillz29

    noskillz29 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    in my processes under CPU the thing that shows 90-99 is SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS

    i assume thats normal tho....maybe not, anyways my CPU usage is off the charts as always
  6. Route44

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