Something is eating my GB? had 80 now have 11???

By Angeleyz ยท 7 replies
Jan 16, 2006
  1. i ran a virus scan...shows nothing??....please help...i have no clue :eek:
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    Here is a list of things it could be.

    System Restore. Open it and check the options.

    Virtual Ram.

    Go to Add or Remove Programs, set them to appear on size (upper right corner), and see if there are giant ones.

    You can allways check the hard drive folder by folder.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quick question...Do you have Norton Systemworks by any chance? If you do, go to your "Norton Protected" recycle bin, and right click on it. When the menu comes up, click on "empty norton protected files". These are files that have been kept on the hard drive in case you need to unerase something or need to do a restore. Purge all of the protected file and that should clear up a chunk of your HD space. Hope that helps!
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    no i do not have norton,i have aol safty & security.
    Thankyou tho
  6. Angeleyz

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    i checked virtual is 768???
    add an remove nothing to big....
    systym restore...??? there was no option?
    sorry i am no wiz at fixing the computer!
    thankyou for helpn!!!
    still tryn~~~
  7. Need_a_Dell

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    I assume you're running xp, go to start>control panel>system settings>system restore.
    This most likely will not cure your problem, but if there is a problem with an installed prgram, it should help.

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    Just order your files on the hardrive by aranging them from biggest to smallest. Also check any new programs recently installed on your pc, I mean their folders. Check all P2P and Bittorrent clients folders you may have sometimes those like to grow massively huge. You should soon find a file which was like 500MB and is now like 50GB. I often have.

    Also check the folder where you temporary copy images of DVD's or CD's go, maybe they are not being deleted propperly.

    Even if you don't have the system Restore option, just got to My Computer>C:>Properties>Disk Cleanup (or something like that)> then delete all those temporary files it will show. If you click on one or two tabs you will also see the option delete all but most recent System Restore points or something similar. Do that.

    If your System Restore does not display then Windows has a problem eventhough it may function normally. The best thing to do would be to format and then re-install.
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