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Oct 16, 2005
  1. My friend is having a problem and asked me to post this here, this is what he told me:

    He has to turn the power switch in the back of his computer off then on in order to give power to his computer. However, when his computer actually turns on, the LED lights in the front flash and turn off. He has tried to re-seat everything. He thinks it might be his power-supply, but would like some advice before he buys anything new.

  2. pkroks

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    if you post the system specs it may help diagnose the problem. Include the PSU...

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  3. Samstoned

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    I have seen some machines behave diff on power from the back PSU
    some do nothing ,some will boot up,some will cause front light s to flash and seems system is going to boot then it stops.
    reattach all MB connections with psu unplugged from wall
    except the power on ,plug psu into wall turn on if it has a switch
    very very carefully momentaraly short the 2 contacts for power and only the 2 contacts. Kids do not try this at home.
    could be the case switch is bad,could be PSU is going bad
    a fan may be drawing to much power,any noise lately
    if the PSU is under 300W ignore above get a better one anyway ,they are not that much $$$,.this will get him start on new pc if MB is bad.
    Good Luck
  4. Spike

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    I've had that before myself. I changed the PSU and it was fine.

    I've also had it from having a bent pin on a ps2 mouse plug (of all things!), and also from a bad graphics card, and even from simply having too much connected to it.

    I'd say that for the sake of a cheap PSU for testing purposes, you might as well buy one and test it out. It doesn't have to be a good psu. A cheap one will do. (about £15 - not a lot). If it works, problem solved. If not, it's something slightly more elusive.
  5. poertner_1274

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    The only problem with that is those cheap PSU's are exactly that. And if it fixes your problem, it might be good to have as a spare, but I'd suggest getting a name branded one like Enermax.

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