Something wrong, can't figure what

By zenzei
May 3, 2007
  1. Hi,

    My computer has this issue, that it reboots on a lot of occasions. These are the specs it currently has, its stable now:
    mobo: ASRock 775i65G, VGA and sound are onboard
    3GHz Intel CPU, i dont really know what model
    512MB RAM, Vdata DDR400
    19" LCD monitor, Acer
    Logitech keyboard & mouse
    2 HDDs, 180 GB each, both Maxtor

    This way it runs ok, but onboard VGA is really insufficient for nearly everything.
    When i insert 256MB nvidia geforce fx5500, it reboots before even booting windows.
    When i insert 128MB Asus a9250 (brand new), it reboots when i run a game (any game i think, even older ones like WC3)

    The same things still happen when i disengage one of the hard disks, so im quite confident theyre ok. I reinstalled Windows on both, didnt help.

    However, when i run it with 128MB VGA and only half RAM (256MB), it does run properly. The mobo is new too, another one makes no difference. I really can't figure whats wrong, i replaced pretty much everything :dead:

    Thanks a lot,
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