Somewhat complex network printing issue.

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Dec 19, 2007
  1. I have two networks connected via a persistant vpn connection between the two firewalls. Routing and connection are stable, I can ping ip address to any address from any other address on either network. Here is where it get's complicated. On one network resides an application/term server which is accessed by the second network to run a database application this is done by terminal services to run the applications from remote workstations. When the users are in the application, they can print to a large network multi-function printer, but not to either of the smaller 2000 and 1000 series hp printers connected using a builtin jet direct card. the port and connection type settings are identical to the large network printer settings. When the print jobs are sent to the hp printers the jobs just freeze in the queue and error out. Anyone ever have an issue like this?
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    You can't print to any of the small printers from either site? How about when using an administrator account?

    Where are the printers installed? The client machine or the terminal server?
  3. dstanton

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    network printing.

    I am able to print to a large network multi-function device from either site, but from the remote site I am unable to print to the desktop class printers connected to jet direct cards one external jet direct server, and one internal jet direct card. I can print to the desktop printers from the local network, but not from the remote site.
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    Are you using dual HP Jet Direct Cards in one Network HP LaserJet Printer? Do you have Windows 2000/2003 Print Server setup to manage the Network Printers Quenue? Have you tried flushing the network queue? If they're local you can force a TCP port connection to fix your problem. If you know IP address of the printer you want to connect to. Print out a configuration from the printer in question.
  5. dstanton

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    no, one of the desktop printers is connected to an external jet direct server, the other has a single jet direct card built in. The problem I am having is we are trying to print from a application server which resides at the remote site to the printers at the local site. The queues have been setup on the remote server, and can ping, but not print.
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    OK. Can you ping using large payloads? Try something like "ping -l 1472 -f remote-host" This is the maximum ping packet that works on Ethernet and also the default for data streams (like a print job). If it fails, reduce the -l parameter. 1300 should go through any VPN.

    VPN tunnels usually reduce the MTU from the default and if you have set your firewalls to drop small packets and/or block ICMP, then you get networking issues.

    Install the remote JetDirect printer on a desktop computer and see if you can print remotely?
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