Song titles catorgorized.

By Nightowl
Jan 30, 2008
  1. I have about 100 cd's that I listened to and wrote down the name of the song. What I was wondering is now that I have them, I want to make a master sheet that will tell me what cd the song is on. I would like to put all the songs in alphabetical order, with the number of the cd that it is on. I am looking to type in the name of the song, what cd it is on, and then just hit a button, and it will put them in order alphabetically. Since it will take me some time to do this, I want to make sure once I shut the computer off for the night, that it will still beable to proceed the next day and put the next group in without losing what I already have. Is there some program out there that will do this? It took me 3 months to get all this done, and I sure don't want to mess it up by losing what I wrote down. Thanks.

  2. jobeard

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    hum; depends upon the tools you have.

    First, iTunes will do this nicely.

    Assuming the CD label is used for the file name, you can create a list, sort it
    and then add track contents (ie song names) manually.

    Using Cygwin tools would be trivial, but likely you would need to load it and learn some Linux shell commands.

    Using Windows Cmd prompts
    cd to your music folder
    dir */*​

    adding '>music_archive_list.txt' to the dir command will give you a text file to begin with and it can be converted to a CSV file for Excel
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