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Sonic My DVD Troubleshooting

By Plowmads
Nov 9, 2004
  1. When I try to upload a video file or audio file, a windows installer box always pops up trying to gather information. After about a minute another box opens saying the file is not accessible and may be in use with another program, however there are no programs open. Eventuall, if i cancel the windows installer, which takes about three minutes the video file seems to have been placed in sonic my dvd. how can i fix this.
  2. CAG

    CAG TS Rookie

    I found this at the sonic mydvd support site when I typed in "file not accessible" as a search term:

    Another application has exclusive access to the file sonic.log

    Capture: Errors

    When trying to import video or capture, the error message "Another application has exclusive acces to the file 'C:\Program Files\Sonic\MYDVD\sonic.log' Please shut down all other applications, then click retry" pops up.

    This error generally can be fixed by performing a clean install of the Sonic software.

    Other users have corrected this issue by renaming the sonic.log something like "soniclog.old" and having MyDVD create a new file. A Windows Search should be able to locate the file.

    A "clean install" goes as follows:

    Clean Install Instructions for MyDVD 4.x, and DVDit! 2.x

    If a normal uninstall / install doesn't seem to solve a fundamental problem

    Errors when launching the program; or problems installing, such as serial number issues

    Start by Removing MyDVD/DVDit! using the Add/Remove utility in Windows.


    1. Uninstall previous version of DVDit/MyDVD from your machine. Manually delete all the files as follows.

    a) Delete the "Sonic Solutions" folder (for DVDit!); If you own MyDVD, only delete the MyDVD folder within the
    "Sonic" folder in your C drive's Program Files folder.

    b) ******IF and ONLY if you cannot install the software completely or when the installer is looping or freezing
    perform this operation:

    Delete the following folders, if present, from the "InstallShield
    Installation Information" folder found in your Program Files folder:



    2). Registry Edit instructions:

    a) Select the "Start" menu-->Select "Run"--->Type: regedit. Click Ok

    b) Open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" folder (if it doesn't exist, don't worry about it)---> Open the "Software"
    folder--->Select the "Sonic Solutions" (for DVDit!) or "Sonic" folder (for MyDVD), right click on it and delete

    c) Open the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder---> Open the "Software" folder-->Select the Sonic Solutions" (for
    DVDit!) or "Sonic" folder (for MyDVD), right click on it and delete it.

    3). Reboot your computer (stops services so registry can be written

    4). Re-install software

    Link is here http://support.sonic.com/kb/default.asp?type=desktop&product=mydvd Not sure if this is what you have but a clean install of the software may do the trick in any event.

  3. toughbook

    toughbook TS Rookie

    sonic mydvd serial number issues

    After trying to uninstall everything and failing I reinstalled It on another computer then transferred the file out of program files to the other computer. So far everything works, Im trying to make a new dvd right now so I will let you know if it dosent work.
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