Sony Cybershot Memory Stick problems

By dragonflymlle
Jun 12, 2005
  1. I have a Sony Cybershot P92 digital camera with a SanDisk 256MB MemoryStick Pro. The MemoryStick will hold approximately 370 images when shot at 1.2 resolution. I shot about 200 images last night at 1.2 resolution, reviewed a few of them as I was shooting, shot more, then the camera "locked up" on me -- the LCD screen went blank and I couldn't shoot anything. I tried turning it off to no avail and finally pulled out the batteries, reinserted them, and turned it back on. Everything seemed fine and I shot more pictures, reviewed them, shot more, et cetera, then turned off the camera for the evening.

    Late, late last night I needed to shoot two more pictures. Right after I shot them, the camera locked up again and now all but 62 images (the first 62 I shot) are GONE!!!! My MemoryStick readout (on the camera) says there's only room for about 100 more pictures, hence I feel like the pictures are SOMEWHERE on the stick but when I slide the stick in my card reader on my computer, they're not there, nor are they there in review mode on the camera. The numbering on the pictures indicates there are approximately 170 missing images.....

    Is there any way I can retrieve these pictures that SEEM to be there, but I can't access them?? Has anyone else had this kind of problem with SanDisk or Sony Cybershots? (This has happened twice before to me....) ANY INSIGHT OR INFORMATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

    Lily J.
  2. Tedster

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    sounds like a battery issue. I would recommend using an ac adapter when reviewing pictures and printing.
  3. Nodsu

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  4. amibeyer

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    Thank You Thank You Thank You......

    I doubted that it would work...You are brilliant and I am not worthy. :bounce: :giddy:

    I now have some vacation photos. Again, thank you.
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