Sony investor presentation confirms God Of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo TV shows

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What just happened? On Thursday, a Sony presentation to investors revealed three more video game properties headed for TV adaptations. It adds to the growing number of films and shows PlayStation Productions is churning out.

Senior Tech Analyst David Gibson from MST Financial sat in on the presentation, which confirmed that a Horizon series is in production with Netflix. Amazon is currently working on a God of War show. The third is a Gran Turismo TV series, but recently created media arm PlayStation Productions is still looking for a network partner.

Interestingly, a Sony spokesperson told The New York Times last year that the company was not planning a God of War adaptation "anytime soon," despite rumors circulated at the time.

The three new shows make seven productions from PlayStation that have been confirmed. Sony released the Uncharted movie back in February to a less-than-warm reception. A Ghost of Tsushima movie is also in the works, and The Last of Us and Twisted Metal are each getting a multi-episode TV series.

There should be at least three more adaptations in pre-production or getting close. Last year, Sony Group President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida presided over a corporate strategy meeting that mentioned PlayStation Productions had 10 IPs it wanted to bring to theaters or television.

Film adaptations of games have a bumpy history with hit-or-miss success. The recent phenomenal success of the Netflix series The Witcher seemed to set off a new flurry of interest within game companies to capitalize on their franchises, but Sony's initial effort with Uncharted was less than impressive. We'll have to wait to see if PS Productions can eventually strike gold.

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The Witcher was a novel series first. That's why it works as TV, although I personally didn't like the first episode and didn't bother watching more. The Last of Us might have a chance since its basically a Telltale-style visual novel and from everything I've heard its all about the story. The rest of it is wishful thinking in the Sony echo chamber.


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Uh-huh, much like the TLOU series, delayed for like the 2nd year now. Or the TLOU motion picture that never saw the light of day.


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Uncharted movie was decent, not blow me off the walls but it was a good nod to fans. The issue is it took 10 years too long to make.

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Uncharted movie was decent, not blow me off the walls but it was a good nod to fans. The issue is it took 10 years too long to make.
I didn't like it for a number of reasons mostly related to the writing, but it also didn't stick to the lore of the series which bothered me. Sully was much older than Nathan and they didn't meet in a bar. I know that's kinda nitpicky, but there are plenty of other reasons it wasn't warmly received by me and others.

I think if I had never played the full Uncharted series I might have liked it more, but as it is with most game/screen adaptations, the writers changed the lore too much. They would have been better off just making it a non-origin story IMO. Just jump right into a Sully/Drake adventure, rather than have this character development that didn't jive with the characters established in the game.


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"Hopefully they'll be better than Uncharted". I suspect, given the titles, Uncharted will be the high water mark I'm afraid.

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I just hope this comes to reality without any hiccups. All the afore mentioned games are dope and if the shows are made it would be doper.