Sony is asking PlayStation 5 owners if they'd like to buy another PS5


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WTF?! Do you remain frustrated at not being able to find a PlayStation 5? Sony is sending out a new wave of purchase invitations that allow people to buy its console without the lottery that is online retailer restocks, which is good. It’s also sending these invites to people who have already bought one or more PS5 machines, which is bad.

Wario64, who’s been behind many gaming leaks and reveals in the past, tweeted that they received an invite to purchase a PS5 via PS Direct on Wednesday, despite having already bought one of the consoles.

Many PlayStation 5 owners took to Reddit (thanks, GamesRadar) to say they also received these invites, which seem to be ignoring records of people who have already purchased at least one through the PlayStation Direct program.

Unlike retail sites where customers are under pressure to buy a PS5 as quickly as possible lest someone else raid their cart, Sony recommends lucky invitees browse the store and add accessories such as extra DualSense controllers and games to their orders. It also specifies that the URL needed to buy the PS5 must not be shared or used by anyone else, accessed before the start time, or used on multiple devices. Otherwise, recipients could be locked out of the system.

News that PS5 owners are being invited to buy the same console again will be frustrating to those who joined the list but have never received an email, leaving them the option of paying a fortune on eBay.

Back in May, Sony said it would ramp up PS5 production “over the summer and certainly into the second half of the year.” Conversely, this statement came just days after it said shortages were expected to continue throughout 2022.

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I always find it disturbing the way brands like Sony Entertainment or Apple treat their customer, but apparently it works: snobbery is not viewed negatively it seems and even if most people react negatively about being told "You're not good enough to buy our products, peasant" in essence, enough people are so enthralled by a consumerist mindset that if they cannot afford luxury items (Or rather, common items that are marketed as Luxury items even though they're not) instead blame themselves and adopt a dangerous "Hustler/CEO/Entrepreneur" mentality and think they just need to endanger their mental and physical health to pursue greater and greater income to afford such faux luxuries.

And yes: I know most Playstation fans always reply to these comments with "Playstation just has better exclusives games than Xbox" So I'll preempt that by saying that's a matter of perspective: I find those franchises just as formulaic and tiresome as the ones you can find on PC and Xbox but they are certainly marketed as very exclusive and superior and let's be super honest: bribing a good chunk of the gaming press to give them universal praise also influences perspectives if you ask me.


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It is an annoying news. I was trying hard to get one, but did not managed to get it. And they are offering people who owned one to buy another? Really?


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I managed to actually get hold of a PS5 last week, gave it to my youngest brother as his launch PS4 sounded like a hair dryer and overheated on the regular.

It's a big console, very quiet, basically inaudible to be honest. The thing that's actually impressed me though is the controller. Seriously, The PS5 controllers are incredible, that haptic feedback is awesome, the triggers are something truly "next gen" if you ask me, best thing to happen to controllers in a very long time.

I hope Sony really push the controller into the limelight, properly support the PC community and everything, game devs will then be more willing to properly program in the haptics as it really does improve the experience. I only got to play Ratchet and Clank and The Playroom but both really show off how good the controller is.


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Even though I'm a PC & PS gamer, I'm glad so far I did not decide to (try to) buy a PS5. Yet...

I've been watching all this "drama" from the sidelines and so far my patience is my friend.

Now I can't say the same about getting a new GPU, that actually p**** me off since 7 months ago when I wanted to get a proper new $500 (MSRP) GPU and to this day I still haven't got one.... yeah.


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I really don't understand the desperation to get one of these PS5's.

..Consoles aren't worth buying until at least 2yrs into their expected shelf-life anyway, it takes at least that long for developers to get a proper handle on the hardware and start showing what they can truly do. Unless your Insomniac Games, of course, but Ratchet is very much the exception.

Especially with this new generation being subject to, with the odd exception, so many cross gen PS4 ports.


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Consumerism is changing and becoming more elitist. The ruling class spends enough on these toys now that their money alone is more than enough to keep these industries thriving. Volume sales and value tier products or just in general lower prices to move more isn't required anymore and those models will never again be necessary for the big players. Gaming is also becoming more elitist and pc gaming is going to continue to get more expensive top to bottom.


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So, Sony is letting people that already bought one buy another one just to scalp it? That's how I see it.


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If people had brains the invite would have come with an "I already got one" option to allow the invite to be sent to someone else.
It is an annoying news. I was trying hard to get one, but did not managed to get it. And they are offering people who owned one to buy another? Really?

I gave up on Sony because xbox at least made it where you can buy one monthly yes its more expensive with GamePass but was able to get a console for $36/month. While everyone was out of stock you can buy through Xbox All Access. Sony what you have to offer? Sony just sees $$$ and says hey who cares about the gamers as long as we make money. People who give in to scalpers just wait until the next console comes out you just gave them more money and reason to do it again. So stop being *****s.


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Never have the games lineup been this lukewarm than this generation. Those who are rushing out falling head over heels to get the latest consoles...or even the latest graphics cards for the PC do look silly.


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How do we know this move isn’t Sony feeding the scalpers?
Sony in conjunction with retailers could stop scalping very easy. Just buy one PS5 per month per one householder. That's it. Even it could be strengthen more by curbside pickup or instore pickup but unnecessary. But Sony welcomes scalpers. As well as Microsoft and Nvidia. They are so worrying about sales that forgot about their customers.


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I'd get a PS5 to play all those older games in upscaled 4K and 60fps. Apart from Spiderman with the new DLC, nothing else jumps out as must play.