Sony USB 2.0 Pendrive

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Hi all,

This seems like a fairly standard message - but I just can't figure it out?!

When I plug the pendrive in I can't 'see' it in my computer.

Someone has said it may be to do with the fact that I'm at work and have some network drives mapped. I've been into 'Control Panel' and then 'Admin Tools' and then 'Computer Management' and then 'Disk Management' - and then I can 'see' the pendrive is connected.

It seems to be automatically mapped to 'E:' - but then when I go back to 'My Computer' 'E:' isn't one of the drive letters being shown?!

Help please!!

Thanks - James.


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The E: drive is probably one of your network drives. Are you sure it is not listed in My Computer. Network drives' letters are displayed in the end of the drives description.

Just change the USB pen's drive letter in Disk Managment to something that is definently not used.
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