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I have a Sony Vaio PCVRX650 CPU with a bad power supply. Are there any replacement options other than Sony parts. The Sony part number is 146860114.




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i'd say 99% no.. lappies are generally manufacture specific parts, due to size and spec. restrictions.. thats generally why they cost so much.. every single part is its own little monopoly on the market...


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Uhm.. PCVRX650 is a desktop, not a laptop.

The PSU may be standard and it may not be. If the mobo is standard ATX, then the PSU probably conforms to some standard too. Look at the PSU - there should be some brand-type info on it. Google and try to figure out the form factor.

And even if it was a laptop, any PSU with suitable voltage/amperage and a fitting plug will work just fine. I have mixed and matched Dell, Hp, Fujitsu, IBM laptop PSUs with absolutely no problems. That is if by "PSU" you mean the separate adapter. The power circuitry inside the laptop is not the PSU really, but just some auxiliary bits on the motherboard itself.
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Thanks Nodsu...I will check for a brand name or some identifier on the PSU and you are right the machine is a desktop.

I was wondering what maxbb1 meant by lappies.
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