Sony Vaio RX-881, What kind of motherboard to I have??

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Dec 14, 2003
  1. Ok, I've had a Sony Vaio RX-881 for around 5 months or so, and the air vents started to clogg up with dust today, not really having much time I quickly opened it up to vacuum the vents and stuff....

    Well, for a little while now I've been wondering what kind of motherboard I had because I was curious about doing a couple upgrades. As said before I didnt really have a lot of time so I just inspected the front of the motherboard and about the only thing that I could come up with was a Chip that says:
    SIS 962L
    SIS '02
    0235 IA [small font]--> A2

    This system has a P4 2.66ghz 533bus, if that helps any.

  2. Supra

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    What do you want to upgrade? I couldn't find any info on your motherboard but if you go to sony's website and look for support for your pc there is a little bit of info there. A couple things I do know is that you can upgrade to a maximum of 1.5Gb of RAM and you have 2 open PCI slots. Also your videocard should be upgradeable.
  3. mstpaintball

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    Graphics card first, thats almost a must. What P4's this motherboard supports, like does it support HT P4's?, because it seems basicly like a waste of money if was was just to upgrade to P4 3.06ghz 533bus (or however high the 533bus P4's go). And ram, how high does it go on the speed of DDR, its got 512mb of 2100 in it now, and I'd like to replace that soon with something faster.
    Its just I'd rather not go out and buy a new motherboard, and/or a case, and then all the other stuff because I may as well build a new computer then, and I'm hoping to get a laptop, or build a seperate PC sooner or later, so that would set me back. Either way, I'd like to upgrade this PC first, and then see.

    Thanks for your help though, I havent been to Sony's site in awhile, I'll go re-check it out in a bit and see if I can get more details.:)
  4. Supra

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    I would also upgrade the videocard first. P4's with the 533fsb only went to 2.8ghz so thats not a worthwhile upgrade. I went to for memory and they say your pc only takes pc2100 and they are usually right. Also since it only supports pc2100 I would guess it doesn't support any 800fsb p4's which all the HT ones are, sry:blush:
  5. mstpaintball

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    Ok, I really appreciate the help.

    Thanks again:)
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