SONY VAIO tweaker -- Atlanta

By samuelrmason
Sep 26, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought a SONY VAIO desktop in 2001 or 2002 that came bundled with Windows XP. The HW build includes an ASUS TU-(Tualatin) something system board and an Intel Celeron 1.3 Ghz chip.

    Everything was working fine until I had the nerve to wipe the hard drive clean to speed up performance. I had too many programs on the 40 GB Maxtor and they were bringing things to a crawl.

    After formatting the drive and installing a brand new Windows XP PRO, the power supply FAN and the CPU fan came on and stayed on.

    I upgraded the Award BIOS ($49.95 from!) and still had the same problem.

    I bought a new ANTEC ATX power supply that is just whisper quiet. Wow.

    Sadly, the CPU fan is on and stays on as soon as you apply power. Plus I always get routed to the BIOS screen to check something about Power Management but I don't see anything.

    This tells me that there is a POST, CMOS, BIOS issue somewhere. However, my PC tech days are 10 years behind me so I am mainly here looking for a way to clear my CMOS and fiddle with BIOS.

    I am also subscribing to the O'Reilly SAFARI bookshelf to get access to the Mueller book (upgrading and repairing PCs) which us technicians swore by a decade ago.

    So that's it, a family man on a budget with some skills but in need of help.

  2. cfitzarl

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    To clear the CMOS, remove the lithium battery out of the motherboard and wait a few minutes. The only thing with your BIOS is that sony usually locks it up so you can't really mess with it to overclock or anything.
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