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Sony Vaio VGC-M1 Burnt out power supply

By pipski · 12 replies
Dec 18, 2006
  1. Hi I have a Sony VGC-M1 which is an all in one integrated speakers media centre. The power supply packed up last week. I've opened it up and removed the power pack. It is a bespoke pack for this system (Details -Delta Elctronics, INC. Model number DPS-197AB A). I've been in touch with Sony and as it's well out of warrant no chance of a replacement. I can't find this power supply anywhere on the net (come across other people looking for it too). Made loads of phone calls too.

    I've come to the conclusion I may not get one so am now considering alternatives. The motherboard of my Viao is obviously Sony, the power supply has an 18 pin cable (P1). I've been told all standard ATX power supplys have either 20 or 24 pins. I've read that in the Sony Vaio desktops they use standard power supplies. Does anyone know if I could find a Sony power supply with an 18pin connector, or is this a pointless avenue??

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. scottblackley

    scottblackley TS Rookie

    Sony Vaio VGC-M1 Burnt out power supply!

    I have had the same problem with my Sony Vaio VGC-M1. I have actually opened the PSU and found it was a burnt out resistor. More drama's to follow though as these PSU's were made in Japan and I have been unable to find our equivalent resistors. I have found out it is a .22 ohm but the nearest I found at an electronics store was too big to fit. Has anyone out their had any joy sourcing these PSU's?
  3. Roadster71

    Roadster71 TS Rookie

    Mine power supply too has blown can anybody give me any ideas where I can get a replacement one from apart from spending £450 with Sony for them to repair it!

    Thanks in Advance.
  4. windymiller

    windymiller TS Rookie

    Has anybody had any luck finding a replacement power supply for the m1? Mine has just gone south and I dont fancy the hassle of sending it back and getting fleeced by sony!!
  5. seemagourab

    seemagourab TS Rookie

    My VGC M1 has had the same fate last week. I have had no luck in finding the PSU. Any suggestions please?
  6. raymondjameseat

    raymondjameseat TS Rookie

    Repair of DPS-197ab

    I can repair your power supply, if your interested
  7. gegecalimero

    gegecalimero TS Rookie

    hello i have a power suppy DPS-197AB A in a sony pgvc m1 it s a 18 pins power out can you give me or give in the room the wiring of pinout i want put in a classical power supply out of my computer......can you help me sorry for my bad english i am french .....thanks.....thanks
  8. RJamiesoncaley

    RJamiesoncaley TS Rookie

    Can you really fix the PSU in my Sony Vaio vgc m1, most local techies said thet they can not do it, it would be great if you could


    Did you ever get an answer about a replacemnet as mine also has blown

  9. Ron G

    Ron G TS Rookie

    Repair of DPS-197ab

    Can you repair my power supply?

    If so How do I get it to you?

    Thanks Ron
  10. RJamiesoncaley

    RJamiesoncaley TS Rookie

    Replacement power supply for VGC M1

    I have 2 PSU's for the sony VGC M1 as I thought that my original one had blown so I brought another one. Then found out it was my motherboard that had blown
    So I have decided not to fix it. The upshot is I have 2 PSU's for sale offers...
  11. Ron G

    Ron G TS Rookie

    Hi there

    Thanks for the offer, I would be glad to take up the offer.

    Have you an email i can contact as i only have 1 posting and unable to submit my email address to you.



    Hi there

    I would like to take you up on the offer of the psu for the Sony M1, How much are you asking for it.

    Please let me know plus postage and packing.

    Thanks again for your offer


    Ps when i try to contact you I get messages back saying not enough posting so I hope this get to you.
  12. RJamiesoncaley

    RJamiesoncaley TS Rookie

    As I did not need it i can let you have it for the price I paid £40, The Postage will be via Royal Mail as I live in Orkney this will be at cost. You can not buy a new one in the UK (believe me i tried for months) Sony will charge you £450 for repairs If you are still interested you please give me a call All other parts are avaiable except the hard drive, including another PSU

    Due to count not being high enough please contact me at RJamiesonCaley @ aol.com



    Sorry but all the PSU's have gone my only suggestion is to buy youreself an external Hard Drive enclosure for about £10 and use the old Hard drive as an extrenal drive and still keep all your old files very easy to do and will save you a fortune that Sony will charge to fix the PSU for you
  13. zlatan pilipovi

    zlatan pilipovi TS Rookie

    do you still do power supply unit repairs for vgc-m1?
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