Sony Vaio VGN-A250 keyboard replacement

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Feb 5, 2007
  1. Can anyone please give me some guidance on how to replace this keyboard? I have 8 keys on the right side of the keyboard which display the incorrect digit when I press them. The new keyboard is on order but I have no idea how to open this laptop up. Thanks!!
  2. macop1104

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  3. Tom Carlisle

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    Wish I could help you. I have a similar problem with an HP Pavilion. Guess I'll be ordering a new keyboard soon.
  4. HSC

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    Info here on how to "How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Sony Laptop or Notebook" the procedures are pretty much the same for most models

    I hope it helps

    Cheers HSC

    You could start looking here for a "hardware maintainance manual"

    there is a link top left of the page
    Cheers HSC
  5. MrGaribaldi

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    Have you set up the keyboard correctly in the os, so that it matches the physical layout?
    Assuming your are using XP, you can easily change the keyboard layout to whatever you like, regardless of what the physical buttons say. The only problem may be to remember what key is mapped to what.

    To change the layout of your keyboard, you can either right click on the two letters next to the system tray (called the language bar) and select settings, or, if that is not available, you can do it the following way (needs classic view for control panel):
    Start-> Control Panel -> Regional And Language options
    Select the "Languages" tab, and then click on the "Details" button. You'll now get a window where you can select what keyboard layout you want to use under the "Installed Services" part. Just click on "Add" and select the language and layout you prefer. The most common one would be "English (United States)" as input languag, and "US" for layout.

    Changing the keyboard yourself will most likely void any warranty you have on the laptop, and so might not be the best of ideas...
  6. Tom Carlisle

    Tom Carlisle TS Rookie

    Thanks for your reply. It's very helpful. Since my situation is that I've got a couple of keys that just don't do anything, my problem may not be susceptible to Mr. Garibaldi's suggested cure. In which case I'm sure I'm in over my head. Thanks again!
  7. MrGaribaldi

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    Yes, that sounds like a different problem altogether..
    Though there are some keyboard layouts which would give keys with no mapping when used with standard us, I doubt that's your problem.
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