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Mar 12, 2005
  1. Hey anybody with expereince and willing to help please help me out here.

    heres all the info

    i have windows xp home edition
    30gig hard drive.. i think
    high speed cable net

    the error message is 0x80040201
    the description states that an event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers. i have went to sound blaster's site (creative) and there technical support didn't work i got the same error.... somebody please help me would be greatly appreciated not having sound just reeks :(
  2. vegasgmc

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    Go into Add/Remove Programs and remove all the Creative drivers and software. Reboot the computer and when Windows tries to install the sound card drivers cancel that out. Then go to and in the support section click on Auto Update. It will pick and install the latest drivers for your card.
  3. blackplague

    blackplague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the help i tried to uninstall it like you said but it wont uninstall for some odd reason i dont get a error message either. it just does nothing i uninstalled the drivers by going to run and typing in <CD-ROM Drive>:\Audio\Drivers\CTZAPXX.EXE my drive is d so my command looked like d:\Audio\Drivers\CTZAPXX.EXE and i cliked uninstall it says that it sucessfully did that so i restarted and then tried to install again and i got the same error messages... again thank you for the response and helping srry i didn't mention that error though i found another site that could be of some use i just now got it to uninstall from that command above.. heres the link setup is unable to bla bla bla well hope that this can help you or anybody else help out if i figure it out i'll post what i did and if anybody else has the problem im sure that it will be a breeze to help then :grinthumb
  4. Tedster

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    I had similar problems. Windows will automatically install soundblaster drivers. Do you have a digital speaker system? I did. My speakers were from an old Gateway system. You must make sure that your output is in digital format. Analog speakers will not work with standard soundblaster drivers. Creative does have drivers to give a soundblaster loive digital output. Keep playing around, you'll find the right one. If you have a creative CD rom, it should load it for you if you install all the programs. That's what I ultimately had to do. I just bummed the Gateway sound CD and loaded it on the new computer.
  5. blackplague

    blackplague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah my speakers are digital there pretty new so i should make sure the card is in good? or something? i was told that i should take the card out and put it back in a diff port thanks for the response anything i get to help me install these drivers at least is greatly appreciated whats weird is it was working just fine i used the creative CD to install likeu said i cold install like that but i did once and it caused a crash luckily i have goback installed

    i installed the sound balster live driver before just somehow it got messed up and i have no idea how to uninstall every little thing on there and redo it without that error i went to that site that i said something about and got them patches but it dind't fix the prob again thanks for helping
  6. Tedster

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    Their, There, and They're (let's learn them :)

    Won't matter what pci slot you plug the card into. Bios will configure it automatically. Basically you have to install the digital driver. I had exactly the same problem you had. Until I got the right driver and the speakers were plugged into digital out (yellow port, not green) Icouldn't get it to work.
  7. blackplague

    blackplague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm i havn't even checked that yet... thanks i'm gonna try that now i will edit my post or post again with the results thank! :D
  8. wizard_morton

    wizard_morton TS Rookie

    Eh Up!

    I just posted a thread about a SB Live! 1024 card, I wonder if you lot can help, I bought a headset at a bargain price but I can't seem to get it working (under XP) along side my (analogue) speakers...

    Have I got the wrong end of the stick, do the jack sockets #1 + #2 really mean outputs 1 and 2?
  9. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    when you say jack sockets, are you referring to the headset or the soundcard ?
  10. wizard_morton

    wizard_morton TS Rookie

    on the sound card, I have since read through the manual(bright idea!) and discovered that they are for front and rear speakers. sadly only the front output seems to put out! think I might need to download a creative mixer?
  11. jsmall

    jsmall TS Rookie

    Live! 24 bit card

    I just bought my own Blaster Live! 24 bit card, but when I run the software cd it brings me to the cd's welcome window, tells me to click next, and then crashes when I do...
    There's no other Creative software on my computer that it would be conflicting with, and I know my computer has everything to run it, but it still give me the generic crashing messagee: Demoshield Player has encountered a problem and needs to close... yadda yadda.

    Any hints?
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