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Oct 12, 2005
  1. i am new here, but i have a problem with my sound card picking up interference (iam not sure if its the card or the wire) i have a wire hooked to the card itself then into my stereo, goes from the headphone jack to 2 rca plugs, and its picking up interference that sounds like a constant humming, what do you think it could be? and what are my alternatives, i dont think its the card but perhaps the wire... anyone know of a shielded wire or something i could buy? or a relatively cheap card with a digital optical output? (since that would get rid of the interference right?)

    wire looks like this...
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    First try the elminating the most obvious sources of interference. Mute all the inputs of the soundcard and unplug the analog CD audio cable (a really neat antenna, that).

    Connect something else with a short cable to see if it is your cable's fault. If your cable is very long 10+ ft then it may very well be the inadequate output of the soundcard that lets the signal drop too much on the cable.
  3. jayno20

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    yeah i muted everything that wasnt being used and it still does it... if i use headphones i dont hear any interference which makes me think its the cable... it is 6 feet long..
  4. Nodsu

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    If it is the cable then it should produce the same interference with other sources. Try running the thing from some other audio source to your stereo.
  5. jayno20

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    ok it actually didnt do it... so i guess it must be my card then... its just the onboard sound so what could do you recommend? i would like to get one with a digital optical output that way i dont have to worry about interference is that the best way to go tho? i have my computer hooked to a dolby surround sound reciever so sound can be a factor
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