Sound card too old?


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I recently bought my son an atlas one turtle beach headset. The headset has a single 3.5mm jack that connects to a splitter (green/pink). My sons computer is pretty old, I forget the GPU’s it’s using but it’s from the 8800 GT era (his are the AMD equivalent). The computer is running windows 10 and absolutely will not allow me to select the microphone. I’ve tried front ports and back ports, only get audio. Tested the headset on my newer computer and mic is selectable and functions normally.
I’ve updated the driver and still nothing.

is it that maybe the sound card is too old to be compatible with this type of headset? I think it doesn’t know how to read the splitter but I’m not entirely sure that makes sense as I’d assume the splitter only touches the 3.5mm jack in certain areas to split the signal and therefor it shouldn’t matter.

The only option under microphone is “stereo mix” and when this is selected it transmits game audio as if it were mic audio so everyone in discord here’s my sons game but not him. Im so lost.


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I have deliberated for a couple days to say anything here because I don't know if I can say anything useful. I assume the headphone splitter is plugged into the sound card holes at the rear? Green to green (front speakers) and pink to pink (the microphone). I have heard of this problem from so many online people but I don't know why it happens or what the fix was for them.

One idea is to put the analog headset away and get a USB headset. When you plug one of those babies in, it has its own sound card and installs that. The ideal headset would have a boom with a mic on the end of it. They are pretty affordable these days. The Logitech Clear Chats are pretty good. A little pinchy for long sessions but very affordable and clear sound.


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I have heard of this problem from so many online people but I don't know why it happens or what the fix was for them.
I’m actually getting some solace from this response because I was left scratching my head wondering if I’m dumb. Lol.

I contacted turtle beach and even they were confused and recommended a USB adapter for the Atlas One to bypass the issue. I have a nice wireless USB headset now that I’m going to test this weekend to make sure it’ll work prior to ordering the adapter.

I was hoping not to have to go this route (more money) but everyone seems as confused as me. Thanks for the input, at least I now know I’m not the only one who has encountered this problem.