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Sound Device Problem (There is none!)

By strange as life ยท 5 replies
May 14, 2006
  1. I looked through the posts and did a search before posting this, but I found nothing that helped me. I appologise anyway if this has already been asked and answered.

    So my problem is this: My sound doesn't work. heh. When I go to Windows Media Player, I get this message:


    I used to get this a few months ago, but I fixed it one day. I went through a lot of work and spent the whole morning trying to figure it out. Eventually I found a forum that on which someone posted a link to a Microsoft Support, taking me directly to what I needed to download to get my audio to work.

    Well, I accidentally uninstalled it. It was stupid of me, yes. But now I can't find the support link the person had posted to get it again.

    I'm not sure of any more information you might need or if you might even know what I am talking about, but any help would really be appreciated. I'm still working on it on my own, but I figure you all know your stuff, so maybe you could be of some assistance.

    So if anyone could help me out here, at all, that'd be great. :) Thanks!
  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,309

    Looks like you have lost your audio drivers somewhere, if it's XP try doing a restore to a point before the fault, if not I usually find that if you go into device manager and remove all audio related items then reboot XP will reinstall the missing parts.
  3. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,403

    If the previous advice doesn`t do it for you,WINDOWS UPDATE has sound drivers.There`s also a possibility it might be a DIRECT X issue.
  4. strange as life

    strange as life TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How would I do a restore? I will try it but I don't know how ...

    -Also, while still trying to figure this out, I came across a website that said this, "Probably you received a special CD-ROM or floppy disk from the manufacturer, which you have to use to install the drivers for the unrecognized hardware. If you don't have the CD-ROM (anymore), you can almost always download the hardware drivers from the manufacturers website."
    This is what I'm talking about. I actually lost the CD a few weeks ago when we moved. Anyways, it was a very simple download, but I just can't find it...

    Thanks, bot of you, for your help so far.
  5. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,403

    How to determine what sound card you have.

    "Click the Start Button and then click the "Programs" folder.
    Next, click the "Accessories" and then the "System Information" folder.
    Within the "System Information" window, click the "+" symbol next to "Components".
    Click "Sound Device" (or "Multimedia" and then "Sound Device") and in the right-side of the window you should be able to locate complete information about the sound card.

    Another method of determining the sound card manufacturer or model is by opening the computer and physically looking at the sound card. Commonly the sound card manufacturer and model will be listed on the card.
    If you are unable to locate a manufacturer or model number of the sound card, but are able to locate a FCC identification number, it is recommended that you perform a FCC search using that number.

    If it`s onboard sound look HERE

    A list of sound card manufacturers HERE
  6. strange as life

    strange as life TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is nothing at all in the right window when I click "Sound Device." Does this mean I don't have one? This appears to be the problem.
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