Sound Gone-think driver problem

By Kaiyn
Jan 29, 2005
  1. I have just upgraded my computer, playing the home network shuffle game. The only thing out of the old one are the drives (1 HD, floppy, 2xcd's). The HD has Win98SE installed, and was working fine when I took it out. The old mobo and new mobo are nearly identical, the old being a Chaintech CPJL3, the new being an MSI 865PE-Neo2-P (Platinum Edition).

    Switched over everything, installed the new drivers, had to fiddle with everything a bit to get it to work (no USB mouse till I got the USB 2.0 drivers installed). Weird thing, the onboard sound WORKED the first few reboots. But somewhere in the driver updates, it went quiet.

    The mobo uses an onboard alc655 sound chip. I got new drivers from the websites for mobo, sound chip, and intel's drivers. No sound. The card is working, as the speakers stop buzzing during windows boot, but no sound. Device manager has card installed, but any program that access the sound card indicated that there was no functioning sound card on the system.

    Oh well I says, onboard sound sucks up my cpu cycles anyway, so off I go to MicroCenter for a new sound card (after reading reviews and finding card with best cpu load) and buy an Audigy 2 zs.

    I get it home, install it, disable the onboard sound, load the drivers, and wham...NOTHING! No sound. Same thing. New driver downlaods, the works, nothing. The drivers that load are WDM, and I think I want VxD's seeming that I use the rig exclusively for gaming. Creative has a program that can switch the WDM's with the VxD's, but it won't work, says I have no drivers installed. I used winzip to unpack the .cab file that had the VxD's, and manually installed the two different ones that were in there, didn't help. Although I was frustrated that the included drivers were for Audigy/emu10k...and not audigy 2. I have tried changing the installed slot, no difference. I've been fiddling with this for a week and am at whits end. Anybody out there have ANY ideas? I would really appreciate the help. The only thing I haven't tried yet is a clean install, which I am reluctant to do, as I lose alot of info that way (especially passwords...)

    My rig:
    MSI-865PE-Neo 2-P Platinum Edition
    Intel 3.2 P4
    1GB Corsair Twinx LL mem sticks (2x512M)
    Nvidia 6800 GT (Xfx brand)
    Audigy 2/ALC655 on board sound
    Onboard Realtek gigabyte LAN
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Go to Creatives site and download the driver package thats specically for 98. Then remove all audio drivers and then remove the audio hardware in device manager. Then install the new driver. If this doesnt work you will probably have to do a clean install of 98. Trying to fix driver problems in 98 usually doesnt work especially Creative drivers and the problems tend to get worse. Also if you didnt format the harddrive before swapping boards you have 2 different sets of chipset driver that are probably conflicting. Are you sure the speakers didnt just happen to fail?
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