Sound issues with GTA Vice City

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May 30, 2003
  1. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm having some serious sound problems with GTA Vice City. I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard with the latest drivers installed. The symptoms? The sound goes into a completely dead high pitch tone. Usually this will happen within the first 10 minutes of playing the game. Although the other night I played for hours without the sound crashing. From there, when I close out of the game due to bleeding from the ears, I get to listen to the tone until I restart my computer, which is another problem. Whatever is happening with the sound is also causing windows to crash at the "shutting windows down" screen and I have to hard boot to get back up and running. I've downloaded the newest drivers for both my soundcard and video card. I've uninstalled the soundcard drivers and played the game for about 30 mins. and then restarted my computer to see if windows would still crash at the "shutting down screen" but everything went smoothly. Which leads me to believe that it's the soundcard. I have also looked for any patches for GTA Vice City and have found nothing that addressed my problem. Any suggestions?
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  3. Shadow2010

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    vice city says audio hardware not found what do i do
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    Are you sure u have ur audio device up and running? Have u tried playing MP3s?
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    I'm also having same problem
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