Sound: Onboard vs Dedicated

By Shawn2k5
Jun 15, 2006
  1. Hey again guys... I just got my system and was wondering if I should stick this Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro that I've had lying around for over a year into my system? Would it be better then the onboard sound? I've heard that cards speed things up because it takes duties off the CPU; however I'm sorta Iffy about how much of a performance boost I will get. Anyone got an estimate? Such as when gaming; am I going to see like +5 FPS here? Or would it be more like +.5? The onboard sound my mobo is Realtek 5.1.

    I know it’s a pretty dumb question like... well durr the onboard will be better just use it... I like to save electricity tough... and if the performance increase isn’t really worth it then I don’t feel like taking the time/energy (however small…=P) to put it in…
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    Great info! Tons of info... more then I could use! Looks like a good idea to put it in... I will put it into my system when i get the chance... Thanks for the help. :)
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