Audio Sound plays out the PC speaker instead of my headphones.

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I can't get my sound to stop coming out the PC speaker. With XP, when I plugged in my headphones the PC speaker muted, but now I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 and I can't get it to shut up.

This is a problem mostly because nobody likes my music (c'mon, guys, it's just Vince Guaraldi :D).

Would it be advisable to try to remove the speaker entirely? That's what my dad did when my alarm clock kept going off at midnight :D.

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

I use wondows 2003 os,though i dont have idea on xp i suggest u to
see if there are any settings related to audio in help which helps u to control
sound.......such as minimise and mute or headset or speakers



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Not a very professional answer but I think that you said it...physically disconnect the exterior speakers when it's headphone time. If you want to do it right you need to go to Linux/Ubuntu website and get on a tech help e-mail chat.
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