Sound problems

By fchris17
Mar 25, 2007
  1. I recently purchase a new pc with a built in sound card but when i connect my speakers it does not recognise them.

    I have been into device manger and found that a few things have question marks next to them and state they have no driver.... Other pci bride device.......Pci bus controller (vga compatable). when i search for new drivers the pc can not find them.

    One thing i did do tho was completly re install windows xp due to a few trogans downloading onto the pc which i couldnt get rid of. I was thinking have i wiped some of the drivers for the motherbored?

    The motherboard is a ASRock k8nf6g- -vsta, found here:

    I have no other sound or graphics cards installed and the speakers are Creative sbs250 which worked on my previouse pc.

    anyone have any ideas please?

    stupid me i hadnt installed any of the frivers on the dis that was supplied.
  2. Sellam

    Sellam TS Rookie

    Sound Probelm

    I had the same problem with the intergrated sound card. Once you install the software for the motherboard. It should work.
    Keep busy.
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