Soundblaster audigy 2 help, trouble shooting, config. HELP!!!!

By Daedalus294
Jan 23, 2005
  1. i bought a creative labs sound blaster audigy 2. Im not sure what model it is , because when i ordered it, it only came in a cardboard box with driver. I had soundmax integrated audio. That is onboard sound. I uninstalled that, and then shut down the computer. Then i put in my new sound card, which is a sound blaster audigy 2. Then i turned the computer on, and went into the BIOS and disbabled the onboard audi. WHen i logged in, and went to device manager, it showed up under video and sound etc with an exclamation point. When i put in the cd to install the drivers, the error message said that the system didnt detect the card, and that it wasnt put in. I double checked to make sure the card was in. It was. So the problem that im having is that i have disabled onboard sound, and put in my sound card, but when i try to install the drivers, they wont install and it will show an error. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? YOUR HELP IS VERY APPRECIATED. THANKS. :confused:
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