Soundblaster Live! Strange Problem (ultra-low level sound which farts) just cut out

By xolin
Nov 9, 2006
  1. Hey guys,

    My first post here.

    I was using Audacity to do some recordings as usual, and then randomly after I stopped one of the recordings my sound decided to kick out. I tried using different speakers and they get no sound whatsoever. The 5.1 set I have gives out farting (but you can tell its the music being outputted) at the highest volume, and the sub is going off.

    I reinstalled the drivers. unplugged and replugged everything, checked the PCI slot etc.

    Any ideas? I dont think my speakers are broken and I don't want to get a new card. The card doesnt look damaged or burnt or anything :?

    Thanks a lot

    Celeron 1ghz
    asis mb

    OH! Had this setup for a while. Was running a mic through the card and also checked and the microphone input is not working...the program doesnt get input from it :/
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