Soundcard conflict!!!! pls help

By Ren2
Sep 13, 2003
  1. Hi I recently purchased a soundblaster live and a creative 5.1 setup hoping i would have a very nice surround sound experience, unfortunately i cannot get the card to work. It goes as follows: I am running on a compaq deskpro with windows 98 I install the soundblaster live and it always tells me to install the drivers for some PCI multimedia audio device everytime i reboot. And the cd that came with the card doesnt have anything driver wise for this annoyance. So i disabled the onboard sound in the bios and the device manager but it still pops up in the device manager and though i seem to install drivers for a creative multimedia device the same message as before always comes up along with a need for some PCI input controller drivers and nothing ever changes. They both sit there in device manager with a yellow ! beside them so i do not know what to do. I have also tried keeping the onboard enabled just changing the IRQ but that doesnt even work. If anyone could please help find a solution it would be very much appreciated and i would be greatful.

    Thank you
  2. stilup

    stilup TS Rookie Posts: 21


    Did you disable to onboard sound in the bios?
    You must first disable the onboard sound then load the CD drivers when asked upon startup of windows.
    Maybe a proprietary thing.
  3. vegasgmc

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    I had the same problem but with Win 2000. The only thing that worked was disabling the onboard audio in device manager.
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