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Sep 26, 2007
  1. I am trying to install windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP on the same computer. My problem is that I have a hard time finding a soundcard that supports older versions of windows. Almost all the soundcards that I have found on vendors sites support only 2000 and XP. Does anybody know of a soundcard that supports older versions and is of good quality? I shall be so grateful for your advice. Please post reply here or send to

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    Hmm.. Have you actually managed to insall these operating systems? Getting NT and DOS (98) play together is tricky :)

    You probably have to go and buy an older used card. Something from the Creative SB Live! series or even the original Audigy should have NT4 support.
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    Try C-Media, they're very cheap but offer some great 6.1 Chan Sound PCI cards that handle all versions of Windows. I have two cost me only $15 each.
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    tipstir, I went to cmedia site. Could not find the sound card I was looking for. Is it possible for you to send me the link where I can actually find the sound card supporting windows NT? Many thanks in advance.
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