Soundcard: Yamaha DS2416 causes screen to go blank

By Phil_OFarrell
Jul 29, 2006
  1. I've finally tried to install the drivers for my Yamaha DS2416 sound card. I could only find one set of drivers bundled with another Yamaha sound card on the internet, but extracted them and windows recognised them fine. The Yamaha website isn't working to get the latest ones. Once they were installed a horrible buzzing sound came from the speakers, and after a few seconds the PC crashed. When I rebooted it and after I clicked on the windows logon button the screen goes completely blank again with no input to the DVI connected monitor. Why is the soundcard doing this? I'm also having problems with my graphics card ( but at the moment I have hardware accelration turned right down to zero so I hope that's not causing it. Any ideas? My spec is:

    Abit AV8 mobo
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    Seasonic 430W PSU
    Two sticks of identical 512MB DDR RAM
    Sapphire 9550 256MB
    A reliable Adaptec SCSI card
    SCSI RAID array of 10K Seagate Cheetahs
    Yamaha DS2416 Sound Card with AX44 breakout bay
    Some digital TV card or other that doesn't really work
    DVD, floppy, ethernet cards etc
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