soundmax problem

By galag
Jul 23, 2007
  1. i try to instell SoundMax but in the end i get an error massge that says:
    "Driver not found! rebot your system and run it again"

    and after other instellations it gave me the same massge please HELP me!!!!
    i dont have any sound///////////

    i have my audio drivers already installed////////
  2. 9Nails

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    I've run in to problems installing Windows XP from a SysPrep image where it incorrectly identifies the CPU as a single processor where the CPU needed multi-processor support.

    I'm only recommending this advice because it seems like you've installed Windows XP a few times and might not be too upset if these changes accidentally destroy Windows and you need to install again. But be warned, changing the HAL will mess up Windows XP and select the wrong layer and you will need to reformat and reinstall again.

    Have a look at Microsoft's article:

    What I have seen is that Windows Sysprep was told to install the CPU as a "ACPI Uniprocessor PC". Which, even though the computer was a single CPU, it oddly needed the "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" HAL in order to correctly install the audio driver.

    What was weird was the fact that it installed all the audio driver features except the most important: "SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio" driver. And there wasn't any updates that I could do to make the driver work.

    I also needed to install the Windows KB888111 before installing the audio driver.

    To switch the HAL, go in to Device Manager.
    Change View from "Devices by type" to "Devices by connection"

    At the top of the list will be your HAL definition. WRITE DOWN THIS NAME in case you need to go back or something goes terribly wrong.

    Right click on your HAL and select "Update Driver..."
    Choose "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    Choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
    Widows will show your options to change between different HAL's. Select one and pray. Remember, changing HAL's can screw up your computer and you may be so bad that you need to reformat and reinsatll. Good luck!
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