Southwest Airlines passengers receive free Nintendo Switch consoles


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As gaming consoles go, the Nintendo Switch provides a one of a kind experience, especially during travel when there's plenty of time to spare. The console maker echoed the same sentiment among a plane full of people when a flight from Dallas to San Diego, home to Comic-Con International, received the portable gaming console for free.

One of the event's hosts took to Twitter, among other overjoyed people on social media, to share their excitement of the sudden surprise.

"The Perfect Travel Companion!" said the gift packaging with a note: "Please enjoy a Nintendo Switch System and Super Mario Maker 2 game, compliments of Nintendo and Southwest."

The game maker will be present at Comic-Con International: San Diego taking place over July 18-21 with a few playable titles including The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3 and the aforementioned Super Mario Maker 2.

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I see the marketing worked wonders on you XD
I fly SWA regularly, and use as Switch regularly as well :laughing: United and American do a fine job of distinguishing themselves as the worst american carriers..... All SWA has to do is stay in the air and not beat people up, and they are already better :joy: