SpaceX's Starlink internet service demand is pushing wait times to "2023 or later" in...


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In a nutshell: If you're planning to sign up for SpaceX's Starlink internet service, you may have to wait until 2023 or later before getting your order fulfilled. That's according to Starlink's official website, which shows the message to those who've ordered when selecting specific areas in northern Virginia.

SpaceX's Starlink service coverage has been expanding throughout the world. Now available to pre-order in most countries, demand for the satellite-based internet service should increase proportionally, possibly pushing fulfillment times. As it seems, customers ordering from certain areas have started to be affected by the high demand.

After completing the order of a Starlink system on the official website, a Reddit user was presented with a message saying that the "order may not be fulfilled until 2023 or later." As per the comments on the thread, the user resides in a town in northern Virginia.

Following the Reddit user, others tried to understand if this was happening to the whole region of northern Virginia or not. After inserting different addresses, most tries resulted in messages claiming that the order would be fulfilled in late 2021 or 2022. Only when they attempted to order to Round Hill, Virginia, the expected delivery date displayed was 2023 or later.

It's worth reminding you that these dates are just estimates, so orders may come earlier than expected or be pushed even further. If you've ordered a Starlink system for yourself, we recommend you check the estimated delivery date of your order regularly. Depending on location, supply, and other factors, the delivery date may change.

At the moment, SpaceX has over 90,000 beta customers using its Starlink service, with at least another 500,000 pre-orders waiting to be fulfilled. These orders are expected to be fulfilled through the remainder of 2021, 2022, and apparently also 2023.

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Well for the type of customer they're trying to cover which is rural areas, is not like they'll suddenly get fiber to those 100 kilometers-from-the-nearest-city places anyway that's kind of the point. At most the competing cellphone and regular satellite ISPs should count themselves lucky they get to be in service for 2 more years or so.

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Sorry, but this clearly shows another simple case of poor planning. Musk is a great showman but when you look at the performance of all of his companies, he is constantly falling short of his claims and filling the voids with lots of excuses. If he had any real and sustainable "business vision" he would have seen the potential popularity and invested in the necessary equipment making capabilities and had a disaster plan for unexpected success. Both are taught in business school and supported by a number of different companies that provide such a service ......


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Does anyone have the "double-secret" number to get hold of Starlink? I find NOTHING -- no phone, no email, no nothing.