Speakers working but no sound comes out

By essenceofire
Sep 29, 2005
  1. This is a rather weird problem, actually. I bought my computer 4 weeks ago and it included speakers. For three weeks I had no problems, then I noticed my speakers weren't producing sound. I checked my speakers, and they weren't on mute and everything was plugged in. In fact, if I hold the speakers to my ears I hear a 'humming' sound and the green light is on. I checked all my settings in my computer and it says everything is working fine. The strangest thing is when I go to turn off my computer with my speakers on, it'll make the 'signing off' noise that Windows XP has...and then it'll work for awhile.

    At first I thought it was spyware, since my spyware/adware blocker wasn't enabled, and then it began working again with no problems. And just yesterday it began to not work again, and my spyware blocker is coming up clean. Anyone know what to do or try?
  2. zephead

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    what kind of computer is it? this problem could easily be caused by a bad or wrong drivers, but these are by no means the onlypossible causes. check what your card mfg and model is, and d/l and install the latest drivers (if available).

    also you should pay some attention to your speaker setup. perhaps you have only 2 speakers but the card's software has you set up for surround sound. you shoudl also check ALL of your volumes, because certain sliders effect differend soundcard functions.
  3. essenceofire

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    It's a Cisnet...brand new...so I don't think the problem is with the audio cards or anything. The speakers came with the tower.
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