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Oct 1, 2005
  1. Recently, my mouse randomly disconnnects and connects again within 1-2 seconds. There is the sound that you would hear when you plug something in the USB. This occurs mostly in Counter Strike. i also notice that if i move my mouse really fast, its more likely to happen. Also, if i have a cd in my cd drive, it happens too. I have updated all mouse drivers and tried old ones as well. I dont think it has to do with my mouse, because it was working fine until i got back from a lan party. Please help me because this is getting really annoying now :(

    ok i just realized that my PF usage was 512 when using counter strike and 328 when idle. Is there something wrong with this?
  2. kincheng

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    this happens to me too, i want to kill myself. its the most horrible thing thats ever happened to me. im in the exact same scenario as you

    HI i have searched google for hours and hours, spanned across months, to try and resolve this issue. when i play video games, in particular counter-strike, my usb mouse randomly disconnects and reconnects all within a few seconds. It usually happens a couple times a minute. I've had this problem on two different computers now and is independent of what mouse i use. Using a PS/2 connector, however, does correct the problem, but PS/2 has its limitations to gaming. HELP ME!!! ive broken mice to bits with my fist in rage over this
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    This doesn't happen with a PS/2 mouse. There are huge numbers of reports of a defective USB mouse. Look for a top brand, usually expensive, such as the Microsoft or Logitech large size one.
    The problem will nearly always go away if you switch to a decent PS/2 mouse.

    Typical of the USB mouse, particularly the optical mouse. They rarely last nine months... and sometimes fail in two or three months.
  4. kincheng

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    hi PS/2 mice dont give me enough resolution to meet my demands. Usually the kind of mouse that i have problems with is, in the past, the mx510. so basically you are saying my mice are breaking, but i only get this nature during gaming. Then they are only breaking during gaming? ive had issues with the intellimouse too and some obscure brands.
  5. raybay

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    Speed issues? Contact issues? Design issues. On many, the PS/2 mouse inputs may be interprolated. But the problem is extremely common. Even Wal-Mart filed an action against their China-based supplier due to the extremely high return rate.
  6. Tmagic650

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    Try a USB wireless mouse
  7. raybay

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    Even worser, for reliability
  8. Tmagic650

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    There's no such word as "worser"!
  9. SNGX1275

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    There is a lot of demand happening in the system during gameplay. Its perhaps an issue with the USB on your motherboard not being able to give enough CPU cycles to the USB bus (redundant I know but it was more confusing to write USBus). Since it seems to be happening with whatever you use I would say that there is a good chance I'm correct. Get a USB PCI card (they are cheap) and plug it into that, problem solved. (I hope)
  10. Goalie

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    I would like to know how ps/2 has "limitations in gaming."

    First of all, in counter strike, a few pixels won't matter. If they do, you probably should have missed anyway. Second of all, with proper configuration, you'll have plenty of sensitivity. Especially if it's clean and on a proper surface as well.

    Now, it also shouldn't be hard to test SNGX's CPU time theory. Find Sandra Soft's burnin, 3dMark, or whatever other intensive application you want. Then open word or something, work away, see what happens to your mouse during that time. Heck, put it rough on the mouse during that, see if you hear the disconnect.

    Also, is your mouse USB 1 or 2? And the port, is it 1 or 2? Yes, it can make a difference in some circumstances.
  11. Rhumor

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    Hi, noob to the forums here,

    Just like to say that I too have been driven to despair by this problem and the only non-usb mouse I have is and old microsoft serial mouse that doesn't even have a wheel.

    I seem to have rectified the problem by finding the usb hub that my mouse was connected to in the device manager and unchecking the box "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power."

    Start>>Control Panel>>Administrative tools>>Computer Management>>Device Manager>>USB Root Hub>>Power Management

    My mouse seems to be going ok now. Just wish I had thought of it a few months ago :|

    Anyway, Hope this helps someone else too. I know how frustrating it is "BELIEVE ME!!!"
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