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I hear alot about performance numbers but where do you get the programs to run these tests to see if changes made help or hurt a systems performance?


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Futurmark's 3dmark 2001se gives a good indication of how your pc wil perform in curent games and 3dmark 2003 wil show you how your card performs in dx9 games.... but dont rely on benchmarks too much if. there are other benchmarks too can't remember any at the moment:D i've just wokenup:D


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Depends on what you want to test... Considering which part this is posted in, the 3dmark series is a nice way to test imo... (But the score there won't give you more than an indication of what performance you'll see in real games...)

AquaMark 3 should be out by now, so do a little google for that...

SiSoft's Sandra is also quite good...

If you search this entire board for "benchmark" "program" you should find quite a lot of others too...
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