SpeedFan Screenshot - Power Supply Problem?

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May 3, 2006
  1. I got SpeedFan, but I'm not sure what the readings mean. Here's a screenshot (ETA: that's the old screenshot, before I configured it).

    I will do another post a bit later (probably in the Windows OS section) with my minidumps and specs and a full explanation of my problem, but for now I'm just wondering if anything useful can be learned from that screenshot (ETA: Nope, nothing :) )?

    My motherboard: MS-7093
    My CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    My new graphics card: GeForce 7300 GS
    One stick of RAM, 512MB.

    My Power Supply:
    Okia-450ATX(450W Max)
    +3.3V : 28A
    +5V : 50A
    +12V : 18A
    -12V : 1.0A
    -5V : 0.8A
    +5VSB : 2.5A

    I think the PSU came with the case, in a barebones kit or something (the computer was a gift from my father).

    My problems:

    Often have BSODs or crashes that garble my screen, but only while playing Sims2 and World of Warcraft. Had same crashing even before I bought the new graphics card (had just the onboard one). New card has not helped the crashing. Stop errors 50 and EA (and I think D1?) are most common; sometimes it names a file that is for whichever graphics card driver I am using at the time (at first the onboard one, now the new one), but why would I have the same problem with both graphics cards? And I have always kept my drivers updated.

    Also: Often after a crash when I restart it won't finish booting. It looks like it is starting to boot, but the line of text that counts through the memory, checking it, never appears and the boot process just hangs there. The only way I can get it to boot is to:
    1. Turn off computer
    2. Unplug computer
    3. Push power button while computer is unplugged (obviously doesn't do anything)
    4. Plug back in and turn on. Now it boots!

    Someone told me to try that and it always works. So that's why I suspect my power supply is related to the problem.
  2. yingyang264

    yingyang264 TS Rookie

  3. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I'm more thinking about the voltage than the temperature. Like, at the bottom of your screenshot, the numbers seem to be fairly close together:

    +12V: 11.80V
    +3.3V: 3.31V
    +5V: 5.08V

    But mine are not close at all:

    +2.5V: 0.00V
    +3.3V: 0.00V
    +5V: 0.00V
    +12: 5.63V

    ... I have no idea what it means, if it means anything....

    (Edited To Add: Those values were from my old screenshot, before I had it configured.)
  4. oRB06

    oRB06 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    Whoa Unnua, which fan inside your PC is reading 122 degrees centigrade?!

    Also, you were correct, this sounds almost identical to my problem. I strongly reccomend downloading Memtest32, gogle it, and burning yourself a bootable CD. run the cd from boot and test your ram with it. If you get errors, run it about 5 times, if you get errors more than 3 times then its most likely time to swap out your RAM. If your ram is new enough, grab the recipt and get it replaced. If not, beg steal or borrow another RAM module from somewhere else to test your PC.

  5. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I've asked around and I think that the readings from SpeedFan don't mean much right now, because I haven't configured it correctly. I think. The help files on how to configure it were hard to understand. Haven't done the memtest yet, but I'm about to. Right now I am still suspecting a power supply problem, though.
  6. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

  7. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I edited the first post to show my PSU specs but I'll repeat it here:

    My Power Supply:
    Okia-450ATX(450W Max)
    +3.3V : 28A
    +5V : 50A
    +12V : 18A
    -12V : 1.0A
    -5V : 0.8A
    +5VSB : 2.5A

    I used the calculator and came up with a need for 258W.

    Also, I downloaded a configuration for SpeedFan that another user had created for the same motherboard model that I have. The temperatures are now much more reasonable-looking, but there are no voltage readings at all. :( I guess it isn't possible for SpeedFan to read the voltages with my motherboard, or something.
  8. eazy_duz_em

    eazy_duz_em TS Rookie Posts: 102

    OMG 122C..that cannot be correct!!! CPU would melt :|. but i don't think that the reading of the fan 0RPM is correct...i can't find any program that can read the temperatures on my system...speed fan also shows me 0rpm on fan1 and -22C CPU :|..Yay..Super Duper Air Conditioning Diesel FAN!!
  9. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hehe, yeah, it doesn't read 122C anymore. After I downloaded the configuration, my temperature readings actually made sense: screenshot
  10. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow, I'm running memtest86 and there are so many errors! As I mentioned, I have 1 stick of ram, 512MB. 908 errors so far on the first pass. After the 2nd pass the number of errors is up to 2048. The errors always happen on test #5.

    Oh, and weirdly, when I rebooted after the memtest, I got that same boot problem that I often get after a crash.
  11. yingyang264

    yingyang264 TS Rookie

    Mine says its 128 Degrees :|

    I have the money to kit out i just need to know exactly what would fix it haha:)
  12. oRB06

    oRB06 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    Unnua, your problem is almost definately RAM related then. This is exactly the problem I had, is there any way you can get hold of some replacement RAM?

  13. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Actually I found an amazing deal on some Kingston brand ram; hope it lasts till tomorrow when I go to buy it. Tonight I'm going to swap ram with my other computer temporarily, to confirm that the ram is the problem. I would hate to buy new ram and end up still having the problem :eek: . Computers are a big money-drain. :( I mean, I'm already running out of hd space; will have to buy one of those soon. :dead: And I need a new printer/scanner. *sigh*
  14. connerwayne

    connerwayne TS Rookie Posts: 46

    Live near a Fry's?

    If you live by a Fry's, I bought two 1GB sticks of Corsair Value Select DDR for $69 each with a $30 rebate about two weeks ago. If they still have that deal Im gonna go out and buy another 2gb tomorrow...
  15. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I bought new RAM. No crashes so far. Success! Glorious success!
  16. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Those can't be right. It sounds like speedfan has some type of conflict with your system. Let's get a second opinion.

    Go into your bios and see what it is reporting in there.

    I know you are saying that the new ram seems to have fixed up your problems, and that is great news!

    Still, always a good idea to keep an eye on your PSU voltages. May as well confirm your PSU isn't on it's last legs, and on the edge of dying (or worse, taking other parts out with it).
  17. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah, sorry that wasn't clear, but if you read all my posts you'll see that those values are from my first screenshot, which wasn't configured properly. After I configured SpeedFan, well, you can see on my second screenshot that it doesn't read the voltages at all; apparently SpeedFan can't currently read voltages for my setup. I think there's some kind of.. "superIO chip" that it doesn't know how to read yet? At least that's what SpeedFan seemed to be saying; it asked me to report that chip when it was detected so that support for that could be added. So yes, you are correct, those values are meaningless.
  18. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    One of my temp readings is 126C according to SpeedFan, I tried using different apps. Everest Ultimate doesnt pick it up. But i used PC Wizard 2006 and it reads it as my Power/ Aux is at 126C.

    I read this post and have emailed SpeedFan for the correct config. Hopefully it'll be ok like urs.

    Are they temperature sensors in the power supply???
  19. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Actually, I did read all your posts. That's how I knew that speedfan had some type of conflict with your system

    Anyways, all I am saying is, now that you are kind of "into things" you may as well go the full distance and confirm that your PSU is in fact functioning normally. At this point, it is still a question mark. And since PSUs that are putting out wacky voltages are actually quite dangerous to the system, I am just suggesting you put in the extra effort to rule it out as a possibility. Maybe save your system (and cashflow) some troubles.
  20. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh. Well, I searched all over my BIOS and there was nowhere that showed the voltages on the various rails. At least I couldn't find it.
  21. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    No the voltages won't be listed in the BIOS, at least I don't know of a BIOS that does that yet. Try this: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/Motherboard-Monitor.shtml

    Stupid Everest Home Edition is not available anymore AND it never posted the 12Volts anyways (only purchased edition). They know that's the most important so screw them, there's so many other apps out there, I've uninstalled my everest and will never speak of them again. ;)
  22. unnua

    unnua TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Now I could be wrong, but I think my sensor chip is a LPC47m192, maybe. I don't see that in the list of supported chips for Motherboard Monitor I'll try it anyway though.
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