Speedfan software advice please

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I am new to the forum and apologise if my question is not in the right forum

I am just starting to "look under the hood2 of my pc and i have installed speedfan to check it out

I have 2 questions

There is a setting in the speedfan configuration for cpu temp which is preset and i have the cpu fan speed set to automatic but it seems to go to 100% even if temp is below the setting. Am I missing something or is this ok.

Secondly I have downloaded my MObo configuration from the speed fan site and the files are sat in the speedfan folder but how do i load thwem as the setup for my MObo stil isnt in drop down list

Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction

Ok, here's how fans go:

Fans that have 3 pin connectors are the ones that will speed up or slow down depending on the computer temperature. These fans connect directly to the MOBO and are controlled there.

Fans that have 4 pin connectors plug into an open power plug coming from your power supply (Molex connectors: yellow, black, black, red). THese fans run at 100 percent all the time.

4 pin fans can not be controlled unless you plug them into a fan speed control device like this one: http://www.xoxide.com/subl4poblred.html

3 pin fans are controlled automatically by the MOBO.

There is no way of my knowledge to install anything onto a motherboard itself, sorry.

So in answer to your question:

1) You are not missing anything, the computer will control the fan how it needs to even if you don't notice.
2) You can't install anything directly onto the Motherboard. at least, i'm pretty darn sure. O_o;

Hope that's helpful!

Just downloaded the Speedfan myself, found it quite good, if you click on the question mark on the main panel a load of question and answer things pop up, did notice the topic on controlling the fans but haven't got round to doing it yet, as said, look in the tutorial.
As for loading files in for your MoBo, again I havent got round to that yet, sorry.

Regards, Ellgor.

Hi Guys

Sorry to take so long to reply
Thanks for your help but it seems I kinda miswrote

I meant I have cant get my Mobo configuration tthat I d/l from speedfan website load into my speedfan. program I know I cant load anything to Mobo except bios updates


Speedfan settings!

-If your fans go full speed all the time, it can be because the standard program settings are 50C on local (the temp monitor chip itself) and remote 1/2/3 (remote probe monitoring censors), witch might be fairly low, aspecially on notebooks, but even on PC's.

-For example:
¤Set all desired temps to 52-60C, exept HDO temp (44-48C.)
¤Set speed1 to min 20% -max 70%, and speed2 min 40% -max 70%.

-After a days normal computing, check the charts to see what temp that has been average (max) for the different sencors. Then you can adjust settings more correctly.
-You can't really overheat anyway beacause the program overrides any config. if temp goes TOO high, and set all fans
to 100%, usually around 60C. (The real danger zone starts at approx. 65C! For harddisk 60C!)
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