Spider-Man 3 for PC crashes

By Captain828
May 1, 2007
  1. I managed to get through the first level and make it to the "big city", but now it keeps on crashing every couple of minutes or if i move the mouse

    Specs are:
    CPU - C2D E6600
    GPU - 8800GTS 320
    RAM - 1GB DDR400

    Perhaps the GPU is the problem, because after it crashes I receive a message telling me that Video Driver stopped responding
    I'm running the latest 158.18 beta (just took the WHQL ones, test them latter) drivers for Vista 32bit.

    So is anyone having similar problems?

    Thx in advance
  2. warq811

    warq811 TS Rookie


    I have the same problem, but for me it crashes as soon as i click on the icon. It goes black and then the game shuts down with the messsage "spiderman 3 has closed due to an unexpected error" it was working fine at first and i was nearly finished the game. :(

    7900GT 256MB
    C2D E6300
    4GB DDR 2
  3. Solinari

    Solinari TS Rookie

    Hello, i have the same problem. I played Spider-man 3 for ages and completed it, i was about half way through completing it with the Black Suit but i got another game and i haven't played it in a while.

    I decided i would have another shot and went to load it up, but i got the error "spiderman 3 has closed due to an unexpected error" and didn't know why. I have since learned that if you disable 'USB Human Interface Device" in the Device Manager then it does work.

    I have two of these devices, my mouse and a joystick, i disabled the joystick (i actually uninstalled it and unplugged the joystick. This should sort out the crash, at least it did for me.
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