spoolsv.exe issue with CutePDF

By skbiswas
Apr 17, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I have read the same subject from this forum (Title: "System Running Very, Very Slow" dated 4/7/06, from jana-vent and answered by Peddant) of spoolsv.exe using over 90% of CPU constantly after using CutePDF. And I know how to resolve that too ... by somehow stop the spoolsv.exe and starting it again. But that's not the solution I would need.

    I have been using CutePDF since last 3/4 years regularly, with no problem in creation of pdf files from any windows application (word, excel, browser) that can be printed. But, since last few weeks (may be after few sw upgrades from MS or some other vendor), whenever I try to use CutePDF, my laptop hangs; basically due to spoolsv.exe running with over 90% usage. I kill the service and either reboot or restart the service to get the machine back in action. I have sometimes killed the pending print-jobs in the printers too. Did uninstall/reinstall CutePDF, all the printers .... but still the same issue. Whenever I try to use CutePDF .... system hangs. Please suggest me how I can get rid of this. Thanks in advance. (tried all spy/ad/virus removal too)

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