Spotify brings back its free Google Home Mini offer

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Bottom line: It is worth clarifying is that this offer is for a Google Home Mini, not the revised Google Nest Mini that was announced last week. If Google was looking for a good way to clear out old inventory, this certainly qualifies.

Spotify is in the giving spirit again this holiday season. The streaming audio giant is bringing back its free Google Home Mini offer and this time around, it’ll be available to even more users.

New and existing Spotify Premium individual and Premium family master account holders can now score a complementary Google Home Mini. Last year, it was only available to family plan users.

Spotify notes in its announcement that speakers will be available “while supplies last” although the fine print clarifies that a bit – through November 15, 2019.

As per the terms and conditions, Spotify will supply eligible customers with a promotional code to use on the Google Store. Notably, the offer is not available to those that have previously used a Spotify-distributed promo code on the Google Store before. We’re also told that fulfillment requires a Google-approved form of payment, a Google account and linking Spotify with the Google Assistant.

For those interested, the new Google Nest Mini is available from today in black, white, red or blue for $49.

Image credit: Google Home Mini speaker by CoinUp

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Just what I want, a crappy little speaker that has to be turned up to maximum distortion just to hear it.