Spyware Infection - Pop ups, software being installed, icon tray icons etc..

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Feb 21, 2008
  1. I have some spyware on my pc and have tried about 5 anti spyware programs to get rid, have done hijackthis, cclean, everything and it is still there.

    It has a yellow sign in my icon tray as well as a red one advising their OWN spyware.

    It also puts link to porn sites on my desktop as well as advising and installing it's own program.

    Here is ths hijackthis file

    I removed http as i cant post links.
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    Combofix Log PART 1.
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    When posting logs its usually good practice to post them as attatchments (the paper clip icon in the message screen) rather than just pasting them into your message, it makes it easier for the right people to read them.
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