SSD controller chip overheating

Hello and thanks in advance.
I have an omen 17t laptop. It has a 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD which is only used as the boot drive and not for gaming or any heavy load. I've recently noticed some high temps in HWINFO. Temp 1 (supposedly for memory chip) reaches 60s in gaming but never reaches 70. And it's 50 celcius average when idle. But Temp 2 (controller chip) is between 70 to 80 when idle. And reaches and stays on low 90s when gaming for hours. I've been googling and found some contradictory results. Some say it's harmful and some say the controller chip heat itself up to work more efficiently and effectively. And they say it is the memory chip temp that should stay under 70 c. I'm really lost. Can anybody help?

PS. I'm not sure if these high temps are something new to my laptop. Cause I never cared to check the ssd temps before. Sorry for the bad English. Thanks😁