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By cokecan72
May 9, 2004
  1. hi, i got a few questions about this router (more info Here )

    first off, how do i share files and printer with this router???, ive got the net working but dunno where to start for sharin files. i previously had a cross over cable network, and just ran the networking wizard, do i just do the same? and what options do i need to choose

    secondly, im tryin to set up an FTP, but i need to use port forwarding. the only options i get in the virtual server options for the router are a field for Mapping Ports, a field to enter the last digits of the Server IP and a check box to enable it or not.

    when i enter port 21 (FTP) in the mapping ports and the last digit of the IP address of the computer with the FTP on in the server IP then enable it, it doesnt work. people still cant access my FTP

    anyone got any ideas???

  2. Nodsu

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    If you want to do filesharing among computers on your local network then you don't have to do anything with the router. Your local ports are connected to a builtin ethernet switch and the router doesn't really care what is going on between the local machines.

    There is much more to FTP than port 21. You should take it step by step. First make sure you can do FTP between local machines. Then try active mode FTP connection to your server from outside. For this you need only port 21 to be forwarded. Make sure you test this with a client that is actually able to do active mode FTP!

    When all this works, you can try active mode FTP. For this to work you need to forward port 21 and an arbitrary range of ports for FTP data transfers. Your FTP server software must allow you to define the active mode port range.
  3. cokecan72

    cokecan72 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    hey, thanks for the reply,

    i know theres more than port 21 for FTP, but this is what i was told i needed to forward to get my FTP working. i can access it on both of my computers that are networked, but no one else outside the network can access it, they get an error message saying something along the lines of "this folder isnt accessible"

    whats that active mode FTP connection?

    to set up my FTP i followed this Guide

    but my problem is that the set up page for the virtual server to forward the ports hasnt got half the stuff thats on this guide or any other guide ive seen. even the help files that comes with the virtual server page has a completly different picture to what i actually get
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