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Nov 2, 2004
  1. I have XP PRO and when I click the standby button machine will go in standby mode but cannot be taken out with the touch of a key any key. Did not want to but I pressed button on pc to shut down and the screen appeared enabling me to log back on. Is it supposed to work that way? I have a Dell Dimension 4400. Thanks.
  2. MYOB

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    Yes. Standby usually powers off the keyboard, hence you have to hit a physical button. You usually hit Standby or Power to wake them again.
  3. bushwhacker

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    mmm, a little difficult for me, but did you tried this?

    1. Right-Click on desktop, click on Property
    2. Click on Screensaver, click on power setting
    3. when the Power Management Properties opened, Click on Advanced
    4. Select the opinion in botton of that properties and select both box in stand-by

    You should be fine.
  4. MYOB

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    That will just change what his Standby/Sleep button does. Not how the system comes back out of a sleep mode.
  5. Nodsu

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    Some systems do support power on via keypress. It can be enabled in BIOS power management settings.
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