Star Wars Jedi: Survivor might launch on March 15, system requirements leaked

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Something to look forward to: Electronic Arts planned to stage a full reveal for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at the 2022 Game Awards this week, but someone jumped the gun when uploading the game's details to Steam. A trailer is still on the way, but now we have the system requirements and a potential release date.

Release details for Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor briefly appeared on Steam this week before the company removed them. The game will launch early next year, and the system requirements suggest demanding graphics.

After scrubbing the Steam page and changing the release date from March 15 to "Coming Soon," EA confirmed that it would present a new trailer for Survivor during the Game Awards on December 8. Users still managed to take screenshots of the leaked details before EA removed them.

Survivor is set around five years after the events of 2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. For those keeping track of Star Wars canon, that puts the game roughly concurrent with or shortly after the Disney+ Obi-Wan series and Solo: A Star Wars Story, around five years before Andor season 1 and 10 years before the original Star Wars film. Jedi: Survivor will feature new and larger environments than its predecessor, new abilities, and new lightsaber fighting styles.

The game will only launch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles, suggesting a significant technological leap over Fallen Order. That assumption bears out in the difference between the two games' system requirements.

Fallen Order recommends a GeForce GTX 1070, but that GPU is the minimum requirement for Survivor. The recommended graphics card spec has jumped to an RTX 2070 or a Radeon RX 6700 XT. Furthermore, Survivor's storage requirement has ballooned to 130GB from Fallen Order's 55GB.


  • Processor: 4 core / 8 threads | Intel Core i7-7700 | Ryzen 5 1400
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: 8GB VRAM | GTX 1070 | Radeon RX 580


  • Processor: Intel Core i5-11600K | Ryzen 5 5600X
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: RTX 2070 | RX 6700 XT

To many, the Game Awards is more of a trailers exposition than an awards show. This year's show will reveal new footage from dozens of titles, including Survivor and Tekken 8. Producer Geoff Keighley also promised to announce several new games during the event.

If Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches in March, it joins an eventful opening quarter for 2023, which includes anticipated titles like Hogwarts Legacy and the remakes for Resident Evil 4, the original Dead Space, and Like A Dragon: Ishin.

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I dont play games of this genre but previous game seemed fun from watching streams.
I wish them good sales n all
I don't usually either, but this one I had fun on (and some rage with).
The only thing I had a major problem with was that it felt like their control timings were off; sometime button presses would work as expected, sometimes I died.

At the least, you can go on the easiest mode and have some fun with it.


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Yikes my MSI Titan Pro with a gtx 1080 will only just run this.. I don't think the game would fit on my SSD either! lol


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Speaking of Graphics Requirements, Intel have just released a "Graphics Driver Update" video on YouTube. Seems they're really working on it:



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These specs are all over the place, RX 580 the same performance as a 1070 but a 2070 is the same as a 6700XT... Ok sure.


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These specs are all over the place, RX 580 the same performance as a 1070 but a 2070 is the same as a 6700XT... Ok sure.
It's possible that the initial Recommended requirements were for the inclusion of ray tracing with upscaling -- DLSS and FSR get better performance uplifts with more capable GPUs, and it's possible the developers felt that those cards were the ideal recommendations for hitting a target frame rate while using RT.

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This is right up my alley so I'll probably be getting this game. It will be a LONG game with lots of content judging by the need for 130GB. It should also be a graphical masterpiece if the recommended GPU is an RX 6700 XT.
Yikes my MSI Titan Pro with a gtx 1080 will only just run this.. I don't think the game would fit on my SSD either! lol
Yep, you're just barely in there. The question is, what do they define as minimum? Sometimes, minimum only allows for stupidly low resolution and frame rates like 720p30fps. Now, 720p on a craptop screen is more than enough but would you be ok with 30fps?
I played Fallen Order 50% and quit. Unbearable backtracking and respawning. If they will continue with this formula, I will have to pass.
I can't imagine that a 130GB game is going to have a lot of back-tracking. As for the re-spawning, who knows... The studio is called "Respawn Entertainment" after all. :laughing:
Im looking forward to this game - I loved fallen order so im stoked :)
Yeah, me too. I love Jedi RPGs!
These specs are all over the place, RX 580 the same performance as a 1070 but a 2070 is the same as a 6700XT... Ok sure.
Quite often, the people who publish these numbers know less about PC hardware than we do. I'm willing to bet that I could get the thing to run with an R9 Fury. :laughing:

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Less souls like combat please. I like to enjoy my games, not see the as a endurance test. I like challenging battles but FO had some rubbish bosses. Improve the AI on the regular enemies and make those battle more challenging.

More variety of planets, fast travel, and needs to be at least 3x longer. And how about being rewarded with something other than pathetic cosmetics for your light saber. A skill tree would be most welcome and an ability to choose light and dark forces.