Start Menu -> All Programs does not expand after WinXP repair

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Jan 18, 2005
  1. Hi TechSpots !!

    Recently, I had to perform a WinXP Repair on my system due to an error : Security Accounts Manager initialization has failed. Error: The handle is invalid". The simplest solution to this is to get to the SAM file and replace it with a good SAM file from Windows\repair folder. The Windows Repair or Recovery console does not help , because both need authentication ( refer;en-us;316751 )

    I did find a way to get the to SAM file to replace it ( refer ) and was able to repair existing Win XP, thereby rescuing my data. Thanks to helpful suggestions from "TechSpots" !

    However , there are problems ! :( Now, in the Win XP theme, the Start - All Programs menu does not expand. Clicking on the Run link throws up a message box saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here." and gives an option to create on the desktop. Creating such a shortcut on the desktop makes no difference. When I switch to Windows Classic theme, then clicking on the Start on the task bar does not do anything , the same with Help and Support link on the Start Menu !!

    Any suggestions on getting over this one without having to do what Microsoft usually recommends "please reinstall clean" ?
  2. frecksta

    frecksta TS Rookie

    Me too


    I have the same problem. Are you also missing the Desktop tab from the Desktop Properties window?

    I have had a quick look in the Group Policy editor and it seemed OK. Have run Registry Mechanic and it was no help.

    I actaully have it on 2 notebooks within the same company, one with XP SP1 the other with SP2.

    Any resooution on this one yet???

  3. frecksta

    frecksta TS Rookie

    Found a fix


    I found by re-installing Windows XP from the CD but choose the option to repair the current installation rather than perform a new installation.

    Hope this helps. :bounce:
  4. rkscmhoh

    rkscmhoh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am glad for you


    I am glad for you that you got a simple solution to this. Mircosoft is now really overdoing this SP2 and Software Distribution Services business.
    I have laptop that ran without issues for over a year on WinXP with SP2 !
    Until I switched on Automatic Updates.

    My problem of SAM getting corrupted forced me to replace the SAM with a copy from the repair folder. I had to make a WinXP bootable CD using the
    Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) software. Only after that , I could run the Win XP repair.

    To cut a long story short, I am back to WinXP with SP1 and will update my Win XP more methodically as and when I get time. It would be a good idea to have a WinXP boot CD perpared as instructed by just in case luck runs out !

  5. mike8

    mike8 TS Rookie

    Hello, I have the same problem. When i am clicking on the Run link throws up a message box saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here." and gives an option to create on the desktop.
    I do not want to re install windows or do a repair installation..
    Any ideas???
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